Monday, March 20, 2017

How much money?

1.) The research that was done by Josh Michell shows that a college degree/training is now more important because if the large decrease of the money you will make by only having a high school diploma. In the article, it showed that a high school diploma fell from 435,000 to 243,000 so having a college degree will actually help in the long run.
2.) According to the research done in the article better grades were linked to a possibility of graduating college from past motivation of being able to get good grades in high school. Also, people who had better grades in high school were shown to make more money in the future.
3.)The correlation between high school grades and overall education was strongest for Hispanics and African American. We think this because of the motivation they found by getting good grades in high school and having the realization that they can do better and succeed through their past education.

Monday, March 13, 2017


1.) Personally, I think that the reason behind the 27% increase in student enrollment is because many parents are willing to do anything to get their kids in order. By this I mean if their child is doing badly in school like ditching, drinking, and taking drugs the parent obviously doesn't want to see their child's life being thrown away so they enroll them in a school which is known for taking bad children and turning their life around.

2.) Students ditching smoking and getting high on school grouds doesn't sound like real life but it is, and could be happening right now as you're reading this blog post but why? Students don't take responsibility and if we could we would let someone else take the blame for something. This school that is in this article  want kids to start taking responsibility they want their children to go to college get a job that doesn't use the words "may I take your order?"

3.) The development of responsibility isn't just important but essential for a child's life. I believe this because if a student or child doesn't have any type of responsibility they sadly will NOT make it in life, where there are a ton of responsibility. Paying bills is only one of many things adults have to be responsible for, and the word bills are not just a piece paper that they pay monthly but several. So personally, if I said what I'm going to say in real life and had a position to get this started I more than likely would get beat up or picked on  but, truthfully I feel that a way South Haven High School could develop 'students responsibility' is firstly having stronger rules on the homework policy or making one. So, about a week ago we had a presentation in our class which has stuck with me ever since that day. There is over 800 assignment are missing in just the freshman class and in only from 3 or 4 teachers. But besides a failing grade, nothing else is being done. No detention, no referrals nothing really. So maybe not having a policy isn't helping. Another thing that the school or even just teachers is tech what life really is like. Maybe set up an elective class that teaches students about the real word and how important our education is not something students should shrug off.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Power of Social Media

1.) Personally, and surprisingly I do feel that social media should be taken into account when enrolling into a college. 

2.) I actually do agree with the statement that kids are worried about being a character than having character. The reason for this is because I personally see it at school all the time in school. I see every day a group of people trying (really hard) to be funny which usually will happen when a student will try to be smart with the teacher or when a student tries to act dumb.

3.) The rules at the high school mimic the rules outside of these wall by giving us a bit more freedom than what we were used to in elementary school. Basically is's more of our choice if we want to fail or if we want to succeed. There are rules yes, but not strict rules like in past years. Personally, I don't really feel that school is really preparing us in rule-wise for our future jobs or another schooling. For an example, the homework rule it's usually varied by the teacher some give you a straight F and others is deduction each day it's missing. But in life or at work if you "forget" something like a project or an important assignment you will more than likely be seeing a box and your last paycheck.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Now All By Myself?

1.) Through the short "research" I did, I found a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment for $789 every month with a $200 deposit. After the short math, I found out that I would only have to pay $394.5 every month, not including the deposit in the beginning.

a. $30 each month
b. The car I would have would be a Toyota Yaris
c. If I mainly walked and only used my car for important and long distances it would cost me about $50 the whole month.
d. Car insurance for this type of car would be about $109 each month.
f. On average in Michigan, an electric bill can range from $30-$100. I will be going with the $30 so that leaves me paying about $15 each month
g. The gas bill can be about $130 each month leaving me to pay about $65 each month.
h. Since I already have things to change the oil I only would have to pay for the oil which would cost about $15 each month.
i. So basically the food I love to eat on a daily basis are actually some of the cheapest. For an example, I love to eat potatoes, beans, mixed veggies, and bananas. So for each month, I would spend about $30.00
j. Since I will basically be on the move I don't really plan on using a tv or wifi.
k. I am doing a $100 for the extra/ necessities.
for the other variables I will not have to pay for them, the reason why is because I do not plan on having a car until after I finish school I would probably sell my car or just ask for the money instead of the car to pay a couple months of rent.

3. After the research, my eyes have really been open, I now really know how stressful it would be to live paycheck to paycheck. Reasons, why living on your own and living on a minimum wage salary, could be stressful is because you constantly have to be thinking how much you have and if it would be smart to splurge and buy something that you have been eyeing for weeks. Or just going out with friends could be stressful, and going out isn't the only stressful thing if you have a significant other you sometimes would have to buy them something or take him/her out which just adds to the bill. One thing that could go wrong with sticking to a budget is holidays. Holidays are when the family comes over and the warm sweaters and warm hugs, but with all those smiles someone has to make them and that usually will come with a price aka presents. So in the end when you are trying to find yourself you really do want to grow and see what things you are great at because anybody can get good grades and have good leadership skills, but it is that one thing that makes turns heads that will get you a good paying job which will help you in the future.

Monday, February 20, 2017

My future?

1.) Over the years I have changed my career path and there is no doubt that it will happen again, but as of right now one career path that interests me is a psychologist. For me personally, I love psychology because it's sort of like a doctor but you are able to help people on more of a deeper level. For an example, psychologists are able to help people that need mental help, people who could be diagnosed with depression, bipolar, anxiety, and the list is endless. Also, I find it kind of cool to learn about how the mind naturally works. I feel that a couple of attributes that I have that can help me in this path is firstly having an interest in the way the mind works. Another thing that could help is the fact that I love to help others in any way especially when I'm able to help them live a better life.

2.) A possible career path for me is a psychologist so to become this the best schools for me would be Stanford University in California, Yale university, and Harvard University. Theses schools wold be the best for this career path because they all are ranked for the best school for psychology. After the short research, I did these schools was usually the top three schools.

3.) The potential earning for this career would be about $72,310.

Monday, February 13, 2017

NIKE Ted Talk

1.) The way this Ted Talk was able to tie into our last unit was because many people can argue the way the Niki business is set up and how their marketing is made up. Also if the shoe distribution by "sneakerheads" is ok and should be stoped or have rules by how they sell the shoes.

2.) Nike will sell to two markets or groups of people and those types of people are kids/teens whom which are a big fan of the Jordan sneakers but surprisingly enough they also target adults/sneakerheads who will sell their shoes to hopefully make a profit off of the 100 dollars something shoes.

3.) If there was a stock market of things, I think I probably would invest in tee shirts. In my closet right now I have many shirts that I haven't worn in months and probably would never wear again. So if I was able to get rid of them and make a profit off of something it would be tee shirts. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

PETA's Article Text Structure and more

1.) Last week I choose my article about Tilikum Died for His Freedom written by PETA's President. When I read the article it seemed that the type of nonfiction the article was based on a news feature article.

2.) When reading the article it seemed that the type of text structure the article was based off on was a cause and effect. Meaning that they used words like since, because, like and much more for me to conclude this.

3.)"cars and drones that navigate themselves will seem safer when parked" In my opinion, I find it very cool that people are trying to make self-driving cars to keep the roads a bit safer. Even though I know a car could malfunction and actually have negative effects I find it nice considering I've been in a couple and have seen car accidents which could have all been prevented if the other driver has not been driving. In one car accident on of my family, frineds got into an accident because the person who caused the accident was drinking.So from experience, I find it kind of nice knowing that intoxicated people can somewhat off the roads.