Monday, January 9, 2017

TedTalk (ads/advertising)

1.)Fredrick changed the value of the potato by making it seem that it was wanted by the upper class. So the way I see it it seems like the expression a," girl wants what she can't have." meaning in this case when the potato was by itself no one wanted it. It seemed grouse and weird and wasn't wanted, but once word got out that the royal people were no eating and even guarding the potato people went out of their way to have it. Ataturk uses perceived value to deter women from wearing the veil in Turkey by making a rule stating that only prostitutes wore the veil. Prostitutes in general, don't have a very well known name, many women are usually very offended when someone says "you dress like a prostitute." So when word got out that it was a rule to wear one when you are a prosecute many people ditched the veil.

The reason why Rory's idea about the train ride to France falls under perceived change rather than a real change is because there was not real change. Really the only real change was that know the company was out 6 billion pounds and with only 40 minutes off the 3 hours and a half trip.

The reason why changing the way people see/think things are more effective than changing the reality is because many people aren't looking for a reality change in the products they buy. So for an example the wine, many people will spend hundreds of dollars just for a bottle of wine but really that 100 dollar bottle could taste just the same as the 20 dollar bottle that was bought at Wal-mart.It is put into our heads that the slightest change can make a huge difference. But when there is whole reality change of a product there could be different complications and it's totally different instead of an improvement.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


1. In my experience with making and using polls as a reason why someone should side with me, I don't think they are that reliable.The reason why I don't find them that reliable is because they can be twisted to sound they way the writer wants them to sound. For an example in a poll taken by teenagers facts/ quotes was in first place. Even though that is true it was actually tied with a 36.8%. So I twisted the fact to make it sound better but still using 100% true facts.

2. Throughout the entire argument unit, I feel that research was the most difficult part for me.

This ad is using celebrity appeal, Bandwagon, and branding value. They are using a celeb (Beyonce) to promote their product also using the word you're so that consider it as a bandwagon and lastly they are using branding value because the logo is not only in the words but is on the lips of the celeb making you want to drink Pepsi instead of coca -cola .

Monday, December 5, 2016

Data/proof and Essays

1.)The reason to support your claims or argument with data/proof is so you can seem like you know what you're talking about and can make the person/people side with you. When I hear an argument I usually will side with the person that seems to know what he/she is talking about. Data/proof not only gives you a leg up but it gives the appearance of confidence which is very important when you're arguing.
2.)An alternate claim would be good to those in the advertising firm or the researcher so they can use the reasons why not to buy/agree to their argument to strengthen their argument and use it as an even though people say this you can really be supporting this.

3.) My audience for this paper is the reader. I'm trying to proof to the reader of my paper that celebrity appeal and emotive language are the best hooks.My reader will have the knowledge of knowing what types of hooks grasps viewers attention so with this knowledge they will know how they could use this to their advantage .

Monday, November 28, 2016

Influences on our choices

A.) In the ad,for yachts they are using badge value.I can tell by the way they are saying that it is a luxury item.Which is what badge value is.To be able to see yourself as  an owner of a luxury item, jewelry,and other expensive things.

B.)As a consumer, an unfinished claim has more of an impact on me than the other two options.This is because to me when I here an unfinished statement I don't necessary think about how or what is the battery more powerful than like in the example.Also in a way it makes me feel more secure and confident in what I will or can purchase without having to do research on the item.

C.) If a company isn't as big as they want to be maybe because they're a new company, more than likely they will want to target a messaging value over a banding value . This because they can not get people's attention by the brand name so they can get their attention by making them socially conscious.So in a way they can trick them into buying their stuff over other companies products. When advertising a messaging value they usually will want the consumers to buy things that they have already but can upgrade.For example, A teen has  the old iPhone 4s and all their friends have the new iPhone 7 and they see all the advertisement saying that it's better than all their old phones. They will start  to feel a bit socially conscious about their old phone and will start to convince their parents to buy the new iPhone.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet 2

1. Do Romeo and Juliet have true love or compassionate love? Answer they have true love. Romeo and Juliet only have this type of love because of their physical attraction to each other and their wants in the relationship. Only meeting for a couple of days or less they decide that they “love” each other so much that they aren’t worth living if their partner isn’t there with them. They don’t know each other that much and if they didn’t die their marriage wouldn't have lasted because of their attraction to each other. They don’t know each other that well personally like you should.

2.In my opinion, I feel that compassionate love is better. Romantic love can be good for a while,like a fling or a rebound because you have that physical attraction to each other but after that light goes out you have nothing.Compassionate love, you get to know that person on a deeper level making you want them as a person instead of their looks.Even though I feel that most relationships are a mix of the two loves in the end compassionate love it better.  

3.Again, in my opinion, I feel that neither were responsible for their emotions.They both let their physical attraction to each other out due their families and friends feelings.But in the end, Juliet was a bit more responsible with her emotions.If Romeo had just waited and grieved over the thought of his love being “dead” he would have found out that she really wasn’t dead.But instead, he decided to end his life not thinking of the feeling of others. If he would have just waited he and Juliet would have lived happily for a while longer.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

1.Romeo and Juliet were a political story by the Montagues and Capulets  constantly ignoring  the prince. Romeo deciding if he wanted to proceed the relationship with Juliet he also had to think about if he wanted to loyal to himself , his faith, and family and the prince. All these feeling were actually centered around to Elizabethan England. The whole story wasn’t just about asking her out. He also had to think about when and if he marries Juliet that he could be executed by the prince when he exiles him.

2.Romeo and Juliet fit the structure of a tragedy by getting married too quickly, ignoring the family feud that was happening and in the end,ending in a double suicide.In the beginning, they fall in love which was a good thing. Then when parents figure out that this is a huge no no they want to stop it. A fight breaks out between the families leaving a cousin’s death.And after all this, they still get married leaving them to both kill themselves when things turn bad.

3.Going to the theater in Shakespeare’s time is not how going to the theater is today. Usually, when we go to the theater it’s usually a quiet place and you usually will wear something nice.In Shakespeare’s time, it was going to the theater or going to see an animal fight.Also you usually never saw someone dressing nice to go to the theater and it was the complete opposite from quiet at the theater in that time.There would be loud obnoxious people and it would surprise you if you saw a couple of drunks walking around and throwing things at the performers.

Monday, October 10, 2016


1.The time I usually go to bed is around 5-7pm. The factors that lead to this timeframe is because of how early I need to get up and  get ready for school. I usually get up around 3,  3:30 in the morning.The reasoning behind this is having to get up and  start studying for an upcoming test and exercising. Most people recommend 8 to 10 hours of sleep and that is why I need to go to bed so early.

2.Reasons discussed in the article concluding on why students should not start school as early as they do is are causing lack of sleep. With having to do homework and needing to eat dinner with the family that can put a kid to bed around 9 to 11 pm.Which leaves the kid about 7 hours of sleep if they wake up 6 am. Meaning  waking up tired and going to school tired. With going to school tired this can cause  increased the level of stress, impulsive behavior, lack of empathy, sense of humor and mood similarly affected.
3.The reason why you should take sleep more seriously is vecasue it could lead to furture health problems. Obesity is one health problem that could be caused by lack of sleep. This is caused by the higher levels of hormone ghrelin and lower levels of leptin. Higher levels of ghrelin mean feeling more hungry and lower levels of leptin create a sense of feeling full. Next to obesity this can cause diabetes and hypertension.