Monday, June 5, 2017

Final Blog?!?!

Part One
Article 2 The Child I Gave Up
1.) In the article The Child I Gave Up it was a short interview with a woman whose name what Kate Mulgrew. In this short interview, they talk a little bit about her story with giving up her first child for adoption for many reasons and how difficult it was for her because she was on the big screen. The interview also talked about how they met and how their life is better and surprisingly their bond is very strong and that she's glad they now are able to be together.

2.) I feel that the purpose of this article was to entertain.

3.) The text structure of this article is cause and effect.

4.) * There are a couple of photographs in the article
     * Cue Words and Phrases
     * Font effects

Part Two

Why is the Data Different?
On data that was collected by my teacher for a question that was answered by students in her 9th-grade class 84% of the female and 54% of the male in her class answered false while, only 16% of the female and 46% answered true for the question, "Female today are treated as equals and not as objects or property." Why is there as a large gap between the two genders? I think that there is a large gap between the two genders because well, it's based on a woman's perspective and not a mans. Women are subjected and degraded in music we hear all the time and sometimes in movies and shows we enjoy. If a woman actually heard these words the would be appalled but because a man put a nice beat to it they listen and enjoy it but a man can hear this and sing it like it's their anthem. But, if a woman sang about a man in a sexual manner they would get beat up by the media saying it's inappropriate and not very "ladylike" from both men and women but why? Maybe because even though we have moved forward we are now just stuck. We are stuck in a situation where women may seem like nothing more than a "good time" or an image a woman is always trying to look like. So to conclude this semi-rant I feel that there is a major change between the two genders because a woman is subjected towards it and are constantly experiencing the feel of being nothing more than an object while men sometimes are completely blind to the situation they just think of it as normal.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Student Choice Part Two

Last week I chose my parents for my lollipop moment. I decided to mow the lawn and clean the house for my parents. I tried to show them that even though they both are extremely busy and can become overwhelmed with how behind they get on the simple task at home that, that they can count on their kids for anything even if it was just for something simple like mowing our overgrown lawn or washing the dishes from last night.

This Weeks Blog:
1.) Social media can actually improve my quality and how I view life by engagement and interactions through social media. Through social media, you typically have a following of some sort. Through this, we are able to interact and talk to people who could be thousand of miles away. But how does this improve life? Well, by being able to talk to newer people are able to experience newer things and expand our knowledge about the world.
2.) In the video shown to us the speaker, Shaun, has many passions in life which include going on adventures, snowboarding, and living life to its fullest. After some deep thinking, I have come to a conclusion that my passions in life include not wasting time, making the people around me happy, and lastly helping others. These three things I always try to incorporate into my everyday life because I feel that if I can make one person happy that one person could continue to do what they love. I'm the type of person who would jump through hurdles for a stranger even though I know when I get home I could come home to a ton of stress.3.) Creating and consuming are two variables given to us by social media. Creating give us power because when we decide to do something new we have the power to put this out on social media and when we do this newer ideas are sparked by us creating something simple. Consuming, when you're watching a video on youtube and you decide to like it, you just empowering someone by building their self-steam so they can continue to keep posting and keep doing what they love
4.) The story shared in the TEDx video about the king of the rainforest can help us in life by sharing the life lesson that we need to stop listening to others because they all have different opinions especially when it comes to the things that bring us joy in life. Some people will hate and disapprove or even try to tear us down so, we should just learn to not listen to those who say nothing but the negative things.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Student Choice Part 1

1.) Has anyone impacted my life? Has anyone ever said something that changed my view the world? Has anyone ever done anything without knowing that that moment would forever stay in my mind and I would never forget? The answer is yes. My lollipop moment happened last summer even though this person may have not been directly telling me something it really impacted my life. Last summer I was with my grandparents visiting and that Sunday we went to church. I would have usually just gone downstairs to help out with the kids but for some reason, I stayed upstairs where a little unknowing Odalys would soon find one of her many missing pieces in her huge puzzle of life. He steps foot up on stage and from the top of his lungs shouts. YOLO! It may seem very odd that this horrible saying of you only live once is something that changed my whole view of how I live my life but as a person who never takes risks and hates getting shut down by people and who prefers to stay in my bubble it said something that a pastor would shout this out, and from that day forward I get a little less nervous when doing something I want. So sadly no I have not thanked this person or told him that he has helped me a lot with some of my fears. Hopefully, I do hope to thank him though.

2.) When I read this quote from Marianne Williamson I feel that she is saying that people aren't actually of scared of failing but actually becoming too powerful or having standards set too high for them. Which then they are scared to let that person down. Personally, I don't agree with her. As a person who feels limited to what I can do because I'm scared of failing I have to disagree. Does she have a point, yes but I feel that that feeling happens when you become good at something. So for an example, I have become accustomed to getting grades that typically are A's. After a while I felt trapped, scared, and even disappointed when I got anything lower than a 90 but why? Because I'm scared of letting my parents down or being looked at differently from my friends and teachers. So this is why I would have to disagree.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Books and more?!

1.) What does it mean when someone says you should put that book down and pick up a great classic? How would you even know what a classic book is, would it be the big old book you have in the basement with all the bite marks and with dust on the cover or that close to new book you bought just last week? Well after some quick reading I was able to discover what makes a book a classic. According to this web page, a book can be considered a classic if the book was able to make an impact in some way you see yourself or life in general, another thing that can make a book a classic is if rereading the book was just as great as it was the first time alongside with that, that is probably why most of the classic books are written a while back when stories were based on real-life situations.

2.) According to this web page, a cannon is how we would use to measure the value of the literature. One book that would be an example of being in cannon is Iliad and the Odyssey which was written by Homer.
3.) In my personal opinion, I feel that books shouldn't be banned from some school. Are there books that contain some graphic content? Yes, but I don't think that a school should ban a book for some graphic or racial content because with that they also provide knowledge about that period of time when the book was being written. So with that being said one book that is controversial alongside with Romeo and Juliet and To Kill a Mockingbird is Mice and Men. Two reason why schools have said no to this book is because of the racial slurs that the book contains and the sexual contents.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Dust Bowl

1.)  Dust Pneumonia is a dangerous medical condition that occurred during the Dust Bowl in the 1930's. This serious medical condition killed many during this period of time about 6,500. It is caused by an excess exposure to dust, it would get into the lungs of the people who breathed it in. The lungs would get irritated and the end result would be this horrible medical condition we call Dust Pneumonia. Most symptoms included eye infections asthma influenza, sinusitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis.

2.) This period of time was caused because of the lack of rain and farmers when they didn't apply the dryland farming methods. Most remedies people used for the dust pneumonia would include rubbing vaseline on their noses to prevent the dust from further entering their systems. Another remedy would be making chest plasters, this would be used for people who had horrible coughs. But the most used remedy was getting away from the source so their hometown and moving.

3.)  Being in this type of situation would be horrible but the hardest part I think would be having to leave the place you grew up and having nothing, and not knowing where I was going if I was going to even make it to the final destination. Lastly, if I only had one bag and had to pack everything in there I would firstly pack a fresh set of clothing maybe to last me for two days. The second thing I would pack would be snacks and my dog's food and water and of course, would be my phone, charger and, a blanket because I get very cold very quickly.

Monday, April 24, 2017


1.) In class, we were shown a PSA message which was based around why we should avoid texting and driving at all cost. The purpose of this message was to inform the viewers that consequences can come from something little as sending send to the really cute boy in class and personally I found this message extremely effective. The elements they used that really helped get the message across was the images shown. They did an amazing job with the way they showed the wreckage and the consequences of the crash.

2.) After a quick search, I found this very This PSA was based on something that happens in everyday life and everywhere you go, which is bullying this type of PSA is to provide information. I found this PSA useful because it clearly stated at the end that words have consequences and that we should stop bullying because even though it seems like nothing words can really hurt someone and really scare them.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Do I Need my High School Diploma?

1. Not taking the time to earn you high school diploma can not only ruin you financially but it can ruin your health as well. One specific way that I can think of how not earning your diploma can ruin your health is the negative effects of long-term stress.  The reason why I think this is because without the high school diploma it would be very hard to find a job that is willing to hire you and even fewer colleges that would even take you in so, then it would be harder to make money to keep yourself living healthy and then stress kicks in then possibly depression and anxiety and much more which, in the long run, ruins your health very badly.

2. Nearly one million students have not received their high school diploma this would be harmful to our society because all those unemployed people or teens wouldn't be able to put money into our government.

3. If the trend of about 25% of freshmen drop out continues or even grows the consequents could greatly affect our community. One consequent of this could be that the school won't be able to make enough money to give the kids the best education and because they aren't make a lot of money they might want to pass bonds which could cost the tax payers money they don't have. One idea that comes to my mind when it comes to helping this horrible situation is possibly changing the way they teach the students. What I mean by this is maybe putting students in classrooms that fit the way they learn.