Monday, February 20, 2017

My future?

1.) Over the years I have changed my career path and there is no doubt that it will happen again, but as of right now one career path that interests me is a psychologist. For me personally, I love psychology because it's sort of like a doctor but you are able to help people on more of a deeper level. For an example, psychologists are able to help people that need mental help, people who could be diagnosed with depression, bipolar, anxiety, and the list is endless. Also, I find it kind of cool to learn about how the mind naturally works. I feel that a couple of attributes that I have that can help me in this path is firstly having an interest in the way the mind works. Another thing that could help is the fact that I love to help others in any way especially when I'm able to help them live a better life.

2.) A possible career path for me is a psychologist so to become this the best schools for me would be Stanford University in California, Yale university, and Harvard University. Theses schools wold be the best for this career path because they all are ranked for the best school for psychology. After the short research, I did these schools was usually the top three schools.

3.) The potential earning for this career would be about $72,310.

Monday, February 13, 2017

NIKE Ted Talk

1.) The way this Ted Talk was able to tie into our last unit was because many people can argue the way the Niki business is set up and how their marketing is made up. Also if the shoe distribution by "sneakerheads" is ok and should be stoped or have rules by how they sell the shoes.

2.) Nike will sell to two markets or groups of people and those types of people are kids/teens whom which are a big fan of the Jordan sneakers but surprisingly enough they also target adults/sneakerheads who will sell their shoes to hopefully make a profit off of the 100 dollars something shoes.

3.) If there was a stock market of things, I think I probably would invest in tee shirts. In my closet right now I have many shirts that I haven't worn in months and probably would never wear again. So if I was able to get rid of them and make a profit off of something it would be tee shirts. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

PETA's Article Text Structure and more

1.) Last week I choose my article about Tilikum Died for His Freedom written by PETA's President. When I read the article it seemed that the type of nonfiction the article was based on a news feature article.

2.) When reading the article it seemed that the type of text structure the article was based off on was a cause and effect. Meaning that they used words like since, because, like and much more for me to conclude this.

3.)"cars and drones that navigate themselves will seem safer when parked" In my opinion, I find it very cool that people are trying to make self-driving cars to keep the roads a bit safer. Even though I know a car could malfunction and actually have negative effects I find it nice considering I've been in a couple and have seen car accidents which could have all been prevented if the other driver has not been driving. In one car accident on of my family, frineds got into an accident because the person who caused the accident was drinking.So from experience, I find it kind of nice knowing that intoxicated people can somewhat off the roads.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jan 31 2016

1.) Non-fiction is when a books or stories are based on facts and real things that have happened.
2.) I think that the curriculum has changed from anthologies of short stories and prose to dissecting non-fiction because it could eventually save time and money. People are always trying to save money and learn so much in so little time so I think that when they cut out the English book they saved money and by having the students just learn from bits and pieces of non-fiction books or articles. Also, they are able to put more information in the little time we have in a class.
3.) The main purpose of the article was so they can spread the word to help save the poor animals in sea world they also talked about the life of the animals. I chose this article because I deeply love animals and agree that they shouldn't cage animals unless it was for a right reason like the animal was hurt but once they are able to be put back in the wild they should do that.

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Benefits of Daily Exercise

      Exercise you either hate it or you love it. Sadly people tend to hate it because it either causes they hate the pain and sore feeling after their sweaty workout or they just have never liked the feeling of doing it. Personally, I have taken up cardio and weightlifting and it has changed my whole view of the way I see things. Cardio had changed from a chore to a privilege and weightlifting has changed from getting sore and hating it to a way I can relieve stress and anger. The benefits of daily exercise are changing your mental health, improving your overall mood, and the best one is getting you one step closer to your "goal body" and finally loving yourself.

Monday, January 9, 2017

TedTalk (ads/advertising)

1.)Fredrick changed the value of the potato by making it seem that it was wanted by the upper class. So the way I see it it seems like the expression a," girl wants what she can't have." meaning in this case when the potato was by itself no one wanted it. It seemed grouse and weird and wasn't wanted, but once word got out that the royal people were no eating and even guarding the potato people went out of their way to have it. Ataturk uses perceived value to deter women from wearing the veil in Turkey by making a rule stating that only prostitutes wore the veil. Prostitutes in general, don't have a very well known name, many women are usually very offended when someone says "you dress like a prostitute." So when word got out that it was a rule to wear one when you are a prosecute many people ditched the veil.

The reason why Rory's idea about the train ride to France falls under perceived change rather than a real change is because there was not real change. Really the only real change was that know the company was out 6 billion pounds and with only 40 minutes off the 3 hours and a half trip.

The reason why changing the way people see/think things are more effective than changing the reality is because many people aren't looking for a reality change in the products they buy. So for an example the wine, many people will spend hundreds of dollars just for a bottle of wine but really that 100 dollar bottle could taste just the same as the 20 dollar bottle that was bought at Wal-mart.It is put into our heads that the slightest change can make a huge difference. But when there is whole reality change of a product there could be different complications and it's totally different instead of an improvement.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


1. In my experience with making and using polls as a reason why someone should side with me, I don't think they are that reliable.The reason why I don't find them that reliable is because they can be twisted to sound they way the writer wants them to sound. For an example in a poll taken by teenagers facts/ quotes was in first place. Even though that is true it was actually tied with a 36.8%. So I twisted the fact to make it sound better but still using 100% true facts.

2. Throughout the entire argument unit, I feel that research was the most difficult part for me.

This ad is using celebrity appeal, Bandwagon, and branding value. They are using a celeb (Beyonce) to promote their product also using the word you're so that consider it as a bandwagon and lastly they are using branding value because the logo is not only in the words but is on the lips of the celeb making you want to drink Pepsi instead of coca -cola .